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Walking African American Tour of Historic Neighborhood of Shaw

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Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 12 and under

Shaw Neighborhood Tour

Journey into Shaw’s storied past on a tour of one of the most diverse and architecturally rich neighborhoods in Washington DC.

Setting off from the African American Civil War Memorial, you will be led past colorful houses of all shapes and sizes while learning about the lives of the original residents, many of whom were people of color. Their stories offer illuminating, and crucial, insight into the history of the country and its capital: some residents were slaves who fled from the South and were put in contraband camps; others were born free, living a life envied by Black people around the country, with government jobs that paid a good wage.

Along the way you’ll stop at important landmarks in African American history, including the memorial and the Victorian-style row house of Carter G Woodson, a prominent historian, Harvard graduate and founder of Black History Month in America, as well as the Howard Theater, known as the first Black theater in the US. Throughout the tour, your host will introduce you to the world behind the memorials of Washington DC, taking in the shops, restaurants, businesses and people who have shaped the city. You’ll round off the tour at the African American Civil War museum, before finishing up with a chili dog at Ben’s Chili Bowl, a landmark restaurant.