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African American Heritage Tour of Washington, D.C.

Quick Details

Children 8-11 years old
Young Children 7 years and younger
Groups of over 30 people Must have 30-39 people in your group for this option
Groups of over 40 people Must have 40-55 people in your group for this option

D.C.’s Premier African American Heritage Tour

Learn about African American history and heritage in D.C. on this fascinating tour that visits the Frederick Douglass house, the African American Civil War Memorial, and more.

The tour begins at the Navy Memorial, 7th and Pennsylvania Ave NW, and is narrated by a licensed tour guide of the city of Washington, D.C. Your guide brings the history of these sites to life with their extensive knowledge and personalized attention.

At the end of the tour, you’re given a free ticket to tour the Museum of African American History and Culture.