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National Zoo

National Zoo The National Zoo, part of the Smithsonian institution, boasts a 163-acre zoo, with more than 400 species of animals. The zoo is part of the larger national park, Rock Creek. As with all other Smithsonian institutions, admission to the Zoo is free. The zoo is famous for its panda pair of Mei Xiang…
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Union Station

Union Station When it was opened in 1907, Union Station held the distinction of being the largest train station in the world. It also covered more ground than any other building in the United States at that time. It was not completely finished until 1908. At its peak, Union Station employed 500 people. The building…
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National Cathedral

National Cathedral The U.S. National Cathedral was completed 83 years (to the day!) after it was begun. It was begun September 29, 1907 and finished on September 29, 1990. The first track of land for the Cathedral site was purchased in 1898 for almost 250,000 dollars. It is the sixth largest cathedral in the world…
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