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United States Supreme Court

The Supreme Court The Supreme Court was first convened in 1790. The first set of justices, which numbered only three, joined the rest of the government in New York, where the temporary capital was. When the capital moved down to Philadelphia in 1791, the members of the Supreme Court followed. However, despite their trips (required…
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Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill The cornerstone to the Capital was cemented in place in a Masonic ceremony by George Washington on September 18. 1793. . s a mason Washington wore the collar, sash and apron of the mason. As President Washington looked at the cornerstone he sprinkled corn for the symbol of plenty, wine for the health…
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White House

White House The White House is the oldest government building in Washington DC.It is the home of the President of the United States. Every President since John Adams has lived in this great house.When the John Adams moved into White House is was cold, damp and was not completely.Mrs. Adams would ofter hang her laundry…
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