African American Heritage Tour

Available: Daily 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

Adults $80

Ages 8-11 $75

Under 8 Free

KB Tours conducts a 4 hour African American heritage tour of Washington DC which will include a stop at the Museum of African American History and Culture The tour will be narrated by a native Washingtonian with 28 years of giving tours in the city.The tours start 9:30 am .

Beginning April 18, 2017 our African American Heritage tour will include tickets to the Museum of African American History and Culture.

The four hour African American Heritage tour of Washington DC will be conducted by a professional tour guide and a native Washingtonian. Most of our guides have 10 years of experience .

The tour will begin at 9:30 from Judiciary Square Metro 401 F.street Washington DC. You will be riding in a air conditioned bus throughout the city.We will drive to the home of Frederick Douglass  of Cedar hill. You will be able to walk about the grounds of the home and spend some time at the Visitor Center. On your tour of the city you will travel in the historic neighbors of Capitol Hill to see the statues of Mary McLeod Bethune and Abe Lincoln in Lincoln Park . We will see the historic Howard Theater .The Howard Theater was the first theater in the United States to be specifically built for African Americans. From the bus will see Dunbar High school which was one of the first black high schools in the United States. We will travel on U. street to see the former Black Broadway , Howard University and the Mary M. Bethune house for  the Council of Negro Women.

We will stop by the White House where you will hear stories about the African American men and women who not only built the White house but worked in the White house as well.The tour will include stops at the Capitol , African American Civil War Memorial and Museum, King memorial and the Museum of African American History and Culture. KB Tours will provide you with a ticket for admittance to the Museum of African American History and Culture.

The African American Heritage tour will start  at 9:30 and will end at the Museum of African History and Culture.


Black Heritage Tour 4 hours

The tour ends at the Museum of African American History and Culture

Museum of African American History and Culture  (will provide tickets )

Frederick Douglass House (stop)

African American Civil Memorial (stop)

U. Street Corridor (stop)

Mary M. Bethune House (drive past)

LeDroit Park

Howard University

White House (picture stop)

Lincoln Memorial (stop)

Dr.Martin Luther King Memorial (stop)

Capitol (picture stop)

We will drive past the Washington Monument , Smithsonian Museums, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Museum of African American History and Culture, World War 2 Memorial,Jefferson Memorial and Headquarters of the FBI.

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  1. My family and I had the joy of experiencing the African American Heritage Tour of D.C. with Ken Burns as our guide on 7/9/2017. Ken was knowledgeable, kind and funny! We learned so much about the monuments and more importantly, the tremendous positive impacts that African Americans have had in building the nation's capital and in forming our governmental structures. This tour was an awesome way to see D.C. Then to cap off the day with a visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture was amazing! Ken has friends and fans from the Atlanta, GA area for life! Thanks Ken and Russ for a great tour!
  2. We spoke over a week ago regarding a tour for The First Baptist Church of Deanwood on August 26th. I've called to give you an update as promised, left detailed messages. Once I made the church announcement, we've had a robust response, immediately 15 people signed up and paid. I do believe we will reach to 20 person minimum as you indicated, and that way you will pick us up from the church (NE, WDC). However, I need the link you were going to provide for us to pay as a group. I can be reached at 301-787-2744. Looking forward to our tour!! Thank you!
  3. I am happy to say the Af-American Heritage tour was the highlight of of our trip here in D.C. Jamal was very knowledgeable and friendly. He helped me download an app to extend payment for parking. He is passionate about sharing information relevant to how Af-American contributed to D.C. and the surrounding area and the nation. I appreciated that he was able to relate to my cranky 14 year old and also my mentally disabled brother-in-law and all the questions from the other tourist. He shared information that was part of the tour but he also shared information about locations, events, people as requested. I highly recommend the tour and Jamal. It was worth the money and then some and my entire family enjoyed the tour and the Smithsonian tour afterward. I am telling all my family and friends about it. The tour my son's eight grade class and I took two years ago had nothing on KB Tours, of course it was white washed and the only thing we learned about African Americans was that we were slaves and served with to save property and build because we were so loyal to our masters. I had a problem with that and so did the kids that were assigned to me and this tour filled in the big gaps in history. Best tour ever! Lorraine M. and family
  4. Thank you for a phenomenal tour!! Everything was great the bus, driver and our tour guide Mr. Watson awesome!! It just wasn't enough time!! Thank you for a job well done! Rev. Gail Harris-Berry and The First Baptist Church of Deanwood
  5. Kenny, my family and I couldn't have had a better tour! The tour was personal, relaxed, enjoyable, and at the same time, very informative! The presentation was in no way generic. We're already planning to bring the family and a couple of friends up to take another tour with you! Then to top it off, you gave us tickets to visit the National Museum of African-American History and Culture! Wow! Thanks so much Kenny (Mo)! M Wright
  6. Do you have to use your ticket for admission to the African-American museum on the same day of the tour or can you use the ticket the next to get a full day of enjoying the AAMofH? Jeff
  7. Can anybody answer my question? After the tour, will we have enough time to see all the NMAAH?
  8. Kenny Burns has a delightful easy of providing a professional tour with a personal touch. Of course he's knowledgeable but the authenticity he brings, bring as a native of the area was a value added plus. Highly recommended!

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