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The Newseum


The Newseum

The Newseum offers visitors a unique and fun experience exploring the history of news. Exhibits are designed to be hands-on and include the latest of technologies in highlighting hundreds of years of news history. There’s even the chance to go behind the scenes to understand the media and the important role it plays in how and even why news is made.

Some of the top exhibits include a 12 foot portion of the Berlin Wall, the Watergate door, a Pulitzer Prize photo gallery, the Unabomber’s Cabin and a 9/11 Gallery. Radio and television studios have been set up so that interested and visitors can explore what it means to be behind the scenes at a newscast. Designed to be inspirational, educational, and entertaining, the Newseum is a great addition to your day in Washington D.C.

Interesting Facts

  • The Newseum tells visitor the story behind the stories you read, hear and see. The story of news shows visitors the important  relationship between the gatherers of news and the consumers of news.
  • In an exhibit that shows the lengths dedicated journalists go to bring important stories to the world, Newseum documents journalists overcoming intimidation, censorship and imprisonment to spread the truth.
  • More than 700 newspapers from all over the nation and the globe transmit their front pages to the Newseum every day.
  • One of Newseum’s famed exhibits deals with Pennsylvania Avenue and the rich and storied history of the “Main Street” of the United States.
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