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Jefferson Memorial Part 2

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson was one of the greatest presidents in American history. He helped write the Declaration of Independence, started the University of Virginia, and was responsible for acquiring 800,000 square miles o land for 15 million dollars.The memorial of Jefferson was dedicated by President Franklin Roosevelt. The statue of Jefferson is 19 feet tall. The memorial is surrounded by 26 columns with represent the number of states in the union when Jefferson died. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died the same day July 4, 1826.

Interesting Facts

  • After the death of his wife Jefferson tore up every painting of his wife; Her death was a great loss to him
  • He never vetoed a bill by Congress
  • Thomas Jefferson and Martin Van Buren are the only two men in American history to be President, Vice President and Secretary of State
  • Jefferson started the Democratic -Republican party
  • He was wrote a paper on the freedom of religion
  • The statue of Jefferson was originally was made out of plaster
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