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FDR Memorial


FDR Memorial

Franklin Roosevelt was born January 30, 1882. His family made their family fortune in railroading and coal. He was trained to be a lawyer. He married Eleanor on St.Patrick day 1905. Roosevelt served as under secretary of the navy for 7 years.

Roosevelt was first became president on March 4,1933 . He remained president until his death  on April 12, 1945. Roosevelt was president during the Great Depression, World War 2 and the dust stroms of the 1930’s. He started Social Security, child labor laws,  Civilian Conservation Corp, Tennessee Valley Authority and the  New Deal. During world war 2 he created the lend -lease program with England. The Lend  lease  program enabled  He repealed Prohibition Act in 1933.

Franklin Roosevelt was a very determined person and great leader. He changed the Democratic party  and the United States forever.

Interesting Facts

  • The FDR memorial was dedicated  by President Bill Clinton 1997.
  • Inscribed in the memorial are 21 of FDR greatest quotes
  • Red granite from South Dakota is the main stone the memorial is made from
  • The memorial is made to be handicap accessible
  • Roosevelt ask the press not to photograph him sitting in a wheel chair
  • He was elected to four terms  as president
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