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Bike Tours Washington DC

Bike Tours

Capitol Building

Washington DC is one of the best cities to ride a bike. There are many bike lanes around the city to ride your bike in safety . The lanes are in downtown , interesting neighborhoods , monuments and memorials. The lanes enable various tour companies to give  bike tours of the nations capital.  The bike tours  start at 9:30 am in morning and 7:00 pm in the evening. You will have to sign a waiver and pass a riding test.Your tour will be narrated by a licensed tour guide of the city.My favorite time to tour is at night, It is fantastic  to see the monuments and memorials lit upThe  bike tour of downtown Washington DC is mostly very level land. the tour will take you to the White House to take pictures and learn the history of the White House.

The tour will take you to the Capital building where you will be have a chance to see the statue  of freedom on top of the Capital . The tour will stop at the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and World War 2.  As ride you will  see some of the greatest sights in the city. The tour is very relaxing . The tour is three hours long. The tour uses the bike path and multi trails around downtown . You will have chance to walk around at each sites . A bike tour is so  much better than riding a bus full of strangers. Bike tours usually just have 15 people . the tours go at a slow pace  so you will not have to rush to catch the next bus or trolley. If it rains the tour still goes on . A bike tour is a great way for families to do a tour together without trying to find a parking space. For a fun night for you and your family use KB Tours.