National Geographic Museum

National Geographic Museum

The displays at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C. bring to life American adventures, expeditions, fieldwork and science in a wide variety of exhibits. Visitors have the opportunity to explore interesting permanent and special displays that highlight the diverse richness of the world around us, both past and present.

Astronomy, geology anthropology, oceanography, human culture and vast perspectives on the world we live in are common themes in the creative and interactive exhibits. Some of the highlights include a tornado simulator, a “time machine” and an 11 foot globe. Family events, films and lectures are held regularly featuring scientists, photographers, explorers and artists.

Interesting Facts

  • The National Geographic Museum is currently hosting some of the famed terra cotta warriors of China. This unique pieces of art tell of a history so fantastic it is hard to believe their origins aren’t fictional.
  • Also currently on display is Paul Nicklen’s famed polar photography. See all the beauty and playfulness of glaciers and polar bears captured for posterity.
  • The National Geographic Museum also contains a large collection of the famed photography that has made National Geographic magazine so famous and that has educated the entire world.

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