Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

The cornerstone to the Capital was cemented in place in a Masonic ceremony by George Washington on September 18. 1793. . s a mason Washington wore the collar, sash and apron of the mason. As President Washington looked at the cornerstone he sprinkled corn for the symbol of plenty, wine for the health of the workers and oil for ever lasting peace.

The dome of the Capital weighs 9 million pounds The dome is made from cast iron . The original dome was made out of wood and leaked. On top of the dome is a stature call Freedom. No statue is Washington DC can be taller than the Statue of Freedom. The statue of Freedom was cast by an African American named Phillip Reed.

Interesting Facts

  • Slaves, Europeans and Americans helped prepare the foundation for the cornerstone of the Capitol building.
  • George Washington laid the cornerstone in a Masonic ceremony on September 18,1793.
  • The winter of 1794, 60 men, including 4 African-Americans, were paid to work on the Capitol.
  • On December 16,1854, Thomas Walter exhibited a drawing of the Capitol dome.
  • On the strength of that drawing Congress gave Walter $100,000 to build a new dome.
  • A new wing for the House of Representatives was added to the Capitol in 1857 and a new wing for the Senate was added in 1859.
  • The dome was completed in 1863 at a cost of $1,047,291.

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