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Broadside :Word on the Street : What Lincoln accomplished as President

Most Americans know of some of the accomplishments of the 16th President of the United States. President Lincoln did a lot to change the United States not only during the Civil War but for rest of the history of the United States. President Lincoln was the first republican President. When he ran for re-election his…
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Broadsides :Word on the Street:Washington and the Jay Treaty

In the early spring of 1794,  English soldiers were  arming  the native Americans . The English were getting the Native Americans to raid the American settlers on lands that one day would be the states of Ohio and Michigan. The English were going back on their word made in treaty to end the Revolutionary War.…
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Visiting Washington DC

For years you have been thinking about coming to Washington DC. You saved your money and time from work to travel to a city you have heard about all your life. So many questions about where to stay? Do I drive or fly ? What do want to see and do. I might not have…
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